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10 Country Songs About Drugs

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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10 Country Songs About Drugs
10 Country Songs About Drugs

This zine is specifically about country songs about drugs and touches on the history of drugs in country music.  It is also about the prohibition and hot and cold relationship the industry has had with drugs while many people involved were actively using them. 

It features 10 different country singles about drugs. Each single has a write up about the song and any history Franklin could find as well as the lyrics on the facing page. This zine is a companion to the radio show he hosts called "Dollar Country." It primarily features country 45's that he finds in dollar bins around the country. Everything from old hits to b-sides, common records to rarities, and everything between the most popular artists and private press junk. To learn and learn more visit http://dollarcountry.org/about.html 

half size, B&W, 24 pages, card stock cover

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