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Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty

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Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty


The sequel to the indie press bestseller The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad, Adam Gnade’s pocketsize book Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty is a roadmap and a compass to assist you in navigating the utter bullshit of life in the modern age. Simple Steps is a book that says, “Life is inherently frustrating, sad, and painful. Here are some ways to deal with it and not be such a fucking mess all the time.” These realistic tips, pep-talks, lists, and short essays are free of mindless positivity and empty, shallow platitudes. Instead, the reader is given usable ideas, practical advice, and workable solutions. A book to pick up when it feels as if you can’t catch a break or do anything right, this is a toolkit for the dark days.

Bread & Roses Press

2021 expanded paperback book edition

70 pages


Praise for Simple Steps...

“Adam Gnade is a writer who can capture what it feels like to feel everything.” -Dana Margolin of the band Porridge Radio

“On the pages of this compassionate and personal work are cracks through which the light of better futures beam.” -Andrew Mears of the band Youthmovies, author of kettledrum

"This is one of the most relatable books you will ever read, a castle of strength built on the always-true foundation of kindness, direction, and joy." -Nathaniel Kennon Perkins, author of Wallop

“If you have taken a yoga class before, the instructor most likely said something like, ‘Let us wish peace upon all living beings’ as they tried to spread a thick layer of positivity that, well … not all of us relate to in any way, shape, or form. Upon reading Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty, you quickly realize it’s kinda like going to yoga—retaining that element of inner-peace, and at the same time being completely aware that the human species is a total-butthole-motherfucking-jerk, and that some of us will just have to do a more effective job at navigating through this world.” - Justin Pearson, of The Locust, Dead Cross, and Swing Kids, Three One G, author of From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry

“Reading this makes you feel better about the world and there's not a lot of that going around right now. Full of wisdom about growing up, making art, and learning to live without cynicism and despair. Adam's books have always been the truth, and this one is no different.” -Bart Schaneman, author of The Silence is the Noise

“Combining personal narrative and empathy, he offers up evidence of what has worked for him, but, more importantly, that it might not tomorrow. There’s a good balance of affirmation and hope with verisimilitude and clear thinking. You have to be careful who you trust in this world, but I think Gnade might be one of the good ones.” -Craven Rock, Razorcake

“Reading Adam Gnade's small book of self-help lists and anecdotes makes you feel warm, like a hug from an old friend or how it is when dark chocolate melts in your mouth. In this book, the hard bitter world softens until you can taste the richness and depth and hidden sweetness, and it nourishes and invigorates you.” -Nicole Morning, author of Soft Animal

“This spiritual sequel to The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad packs the same punch as its predecessor, while offering up new gems of insight. ‘Talk to someone who makes you feel good. Watch a movie. Lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. Read in bed. It's all okay. I'm right there with you.’ This isn't advice from a perfect person; Gnade is down in the trenches with us, sharing the same struggle.” -Jonas Cannon, author of The Greatest Most Traveling Circus

“Sometimes our sadnesses are so stealthy we don’t notice them before they wreak their havoc. This book is a guide to catching those fuckers before they move in and take over. Gnade sharply investigates the flickers of emotional distress that lead to insurmountable despair so that we might slow them down and reroute them before they grow wild. Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty rests in the nuances of sadness and fear to remind us that heartbreak is a collective experience and that goodness is worth fighting for.” -Dylan Pyles, Wise Blood Booksellers

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