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Cats Words Feelings

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Cats Words Feelings
Cats Words Feelings
Cats Words Feelings

by Heather Anacker

Drawings of cats that I have lived with, paired with words of encouragement. Maybe everything would be OK if everybody spent some time looking at this for a few minutes a day?

8.5"x5.5", 12 pages, b+w xerox, stapled

Heather Andhercats Anacker is a zinester, artist and yoga/qigong instructor. Her zines are a mixture of educational/DIY information, along with personal essays and hand drawn illustrations. Topics covered include: scientific and spiritual explorations of plants and mushrooms, words of encouragement paired with drawings of cats, a pizza manifesto, a zine about my undying teenage love of the Matrix, and more. She has committed to making a zine a month for 2021. She is currently cohabiting with some wonderful humans and cats outside of Pittsburgh, PA


Instagram @heatherandhercats

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