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Amy Tea's Lil Guide to Friending a POC

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Amy Tea's Lil Guide to Friending a POC
Amy Tea's Lil Guide to Friending a POC

By Amy Tea

In this zine Amy introduces the term POC* (person of color) and her relationship to the term.  She then goes on to provide a list of DO's and DON'Ts for someone looking to "friend" a POC. She explains that all of the DO's and DON'Ts are based on her actual lived experiences and may not be the same as other POC's. Examples of some DO's: DO listen, DO ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to be friends with this person?, What is fueling my curiosity about this person? (many more questions to ask follows). The DON'Ts far outnumber the DO's. Some examples: DON'T use the word exotic to describe them and assume they'll take it as a compliment, DON'T pretend you know anything about POC experiences. You don't (even if a Sociology textbook made you think you do). DON'T be afraid to be our friend (friends are fun!) My favorite part is when she explains "If the suggestions in this guide make you upset or uncomfortable, don't worry, POC's are upset or uncomfortable almost all of the time! Look! We already have something in common!" This zine is very accessible.  It doesn't sugar coat things while weaving in humor to kindly encourage non POC to be thoughtful and self examining.

*** note, in future printings the "POC" will be changed to "BIPOC"


Amy is an herbalist, writer, poet, illustrator, and collage artist originally from Northern California but who's recent work was made in both Phoenix, AZ and Seattle, WA.  Amy writes a mixture of poetry, spells, self help guides, and autobiographical accounts as a black/mixed race queer woman from a small farm town. She is currently working on pocket guides that provide remedies to panic attacks, depression, and for general self care/vitality/immune support. She also has a longer term zine project examining mixed race identity and its relationship with whiteness and white privilege. In addition to her zine projects, she is launching a self-paced "DIY MSW" program, where she is building and working through a curriculum and set of community projects under an alternative "graduate degree" learning model to challenge the cost and colonization of higher education and experiment with expanding mutual aid within my community.

http://www.amy-tea.com/, https://www.instagram.com/amyteamakeszines/

B&W mini zine, 8 pages

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