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Lizard People, Dear Reader.

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Lizard People, Dear Reader.
Lizard People, Dear Reader.
Lizard People, Dear Reader.

By Julia Eff


...and this zine can help you find it! LIZARD PEOPLE, DEAR READER is a do-it-yourself guide to the search for and tracking of any weird shit you might hope to encounter in your neck of the woods. This handy-dandy mini is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket and will help you figure out if those lights in the sky are actually a UFO or just an overzealous plane, and what you should do if you find evidence of mysterious poop.

Folds out into a cryptid map of the USA with a list of additional resources to probe deeper!! Hot damn!!

This zine is 8 pages, tiny size, photocopied, and comes fully-equipped with a dope fold-out map PLUS a Don't Stop Believing Bigfoot sticker. (Sticker is now weatherproof!! Good for both indoor and outdoor cars!)

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