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Cometbus #56

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Cometbus #56
"Punk anthropologist Aaron Cometbus's zines have chronicled many eras of punk rock, from the golden age of the East Bay to owning a bookstore Book Thug Nation in New York City. Keeping with the maxim "write what you know" his #56is about the ecology of used book vendors in a modern conurbation. It is written as a high medieval encyclopedic text of dragons or basilisks if you switch them with attempts at communist book stores or rival street rat vendors. Cometbus writes from a personal, inviting style. He's more interested in writing in a unique style than a proper or more formal prose, and it works here. The zine flies by quickly and that's in part to the informal style, that while sometimes meaty or tangential, it makes the point that this is a zine. It seems Cometbus is more interested in conveying what he wants to convey than impressing anyone or conforming to a certain style. The main plot of his search for a mystery woman with too much make up known as "Raccoon" gives a platform for this survey of a different underground and his usual interesting philosophies as entertaining as "Punk Rock Love" or takes of Crimpshrine and Fifteen and Pinhead Gunpowder." -Daniel James https://www.punknews.org/review/14907/aaron-cometbus-cometbus-56-a-bestiary-of-booksellers-zine 

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