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Fallen Like the Sky

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Fallen Like the Sky


The summer of Decemberunderground, I went missing.

Bodily, anyway. I was still reachable by phone, but the exact geography of my corporeal form was TBD. The cops couldn't find me, my mom couldn't find me, and those two months signaled the death of my childhood & who I used to be & the birth of the human bog-dumpster I grew into.

This is a zine about that summer, through the lens of turning 16 and the album I still haven't been able to shake. It's not a zine about AFI per se, but it's about AFI. Toxic nostalgia, queer small town vibes, humidity & filth & promise & danger, finding yourself & pink eyeshadow. Gorgeous witchy collages inspired by transformation and the visuals of the Decemberunderground era ready to be hung on your wall like you're 16 again too.

Spoken word piece written for Plan-It-X Fest 2016 & never published, now available as a double-sided broadsheet in handprinted black envelope (limited edition of 91).

The cops never found me. The sad truth of the story is had I been a straight-A student, or on the JV basketball team, or my family owned a local pizza place, or us just not been a pack of pariahs by virtue of me being me then maybe my disappearance would've been investigated a little harder.

2-sided broadsheet, legal size (8.5" x 14"), typewritten, photocopied, and folded in a handprinted limited edition black envelope sealed with red wax.

Julia Eff-

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