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The Paruretic #4

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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The Paruretic #4

By: Mark Cunning

"It’s called paruresis, folks. Also known as pee shy, shy bladder, bashful bladder, stage fright, and choking at the bowl. Sufferers generally are unable to urinate in the presence of others. According to paruesis.org, an estimated seven percent of Americans, or twenty-one million people, experience some variation of the social anxiety disorder. "


The Paruretic, is a perzine about this condition. This issue's theme is "The Search for Help"

"If you've been following this series, then you know about Mark's problem: he has a condition known as paruresis, an extreme phobia of using public restrooms. Each issue of his zine discusses this condition from a different angle. This issue deals primarily with trying to get a job.

We all have challenges when it comes to getting hired at a new job. Some people are unable to pass a drug test, which sucks, but Mark isn't even sure he can TAKE the drug test! He doesn't do drugs, he just can't pee in the cup when he knows there is a nurse outside waiting on him. Good writing to make you feel the nervousness he goes through in these situations. Also in this issue is a story about Mark discovering that another friend has a similar bathroom secret... Does he confront her and bond over their similar problems? Get this new issue and find out."

-Review by Billy McCall

Quarter-size, color cover, 32 pages long.

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