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Defending the Sacred: Photos from Standing Rock

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Defending the Sacred: Photos from Standing Rock

by Christopher Francisco (Diné)

A gritty book of guerrilla photojournalism documenting the occupation at Standing Rock in October/November 2016. The Water Protectors faced everything from bitter, icy weather to police snipers on Humvees. Eventually, through mass arrests and brutalization, the police and private security managed to sweep away the encampments. But the spirit of this bold stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline still resonates in the hearts of Water Protectors and allies today, as the struggle continues.

"The war machines came in to push us out of the camp just like they have so many times before," Francisco writes in the introduction. "We are forever in the way of progress."

48 pages Paperback custom size (slightly bigger than 1/4 size zine)

printed by Eberhardt Press

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