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Resist #50

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Resist #50
Resist #50

"I finished up this zine for the autonomous zine fest. At the fest I kept having people come up and ask, "What is this about?" It's hard to say what it's about because it's stories and thoughts from my life. This one starts out with a story about a derelict tallbike that was loaned to me on a trip to New Orleans a lot of years ago and the hijinks that ensued. There's a story about a chickens, a little DIY on making a water heater for your chickens, and a recipe for curried chicken zucchini (with notes on making it vegetarian if you've become attached to your chickens.) There's a decent amount of writing about work and jobs in this one, because I'm always trying to figure out how to escape my 9-5 and how to make the best of it in the meantime. There's not as much about gardening as there usually is, but a little. There's a story about being attacked by the police a number of years ago while I was riding my bike, and a story about a motorcycle trip in the badlands. It wraps up with a piece on how to make a lap steel guitar out of a 2x6" board that didn't fit in #47. 62 pages total." - Mat Resist


Mat has been zining since 1994 and although there have been dry spells in there, he has been writing zines fairly steadily since then. He used to do a lot of DIY and political writing, but has turned into more of a storyteller. He still likes to share his knowledge whenever he can, but it tends to be in story form these days.

half size, color cover, b&w inside, 64 pages


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