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Don't Listen in Secret

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Don't Listen in Secret
Don't Listen in Secret
Don't Listen in Secret

By Jaydream

A perzine detailing the first couple months of Jay's kpop obsession, including their identity crisis, debilitating anxiety, and personal realizations. As they write this they still struggle with feeling embarrassed which is a huge focus of the zine. Feelings of shame and uncertainty around what inspires and brings joy was a catalyst for examining life long struggles with low self esteem, anxiety, and fear of judgment from others. J hopes others can relate and/or empathize in some way and join them on the daily practice of loving, accepting, and being kind to oneself and/or others. Spotify and youtube playlists are included to listen/watch during/post reading (and that Jess hopes will suck you into the glorious world of kpop). If you are a current kpop stan or are interested in becoming one and wanna geek out please contact Jaydream on Instagram @stinkeyepie or email neithernorzinedistro@gmail.com 

CONTENT WARNING: mental health, negative self talk, self shaming, anxiety, depression, loneliness

B&W 16 page 1/4 size zine

P.s. if you stan exo, bts, nct, or seventeen tell me your bias in the notes section at check out and I'll try to include a little something extra with your order <3

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