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Yoga A DIY Guide

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Yoga A DIY Guide

By: Jaydream

An informative zine for novices, long time practitioners, and anyone interested in yoga. The zine was created by Jess after her Accessible Yoga training (June 2019) in St. Louis Missouri. It is an effort towards making yoga accessible to all by dispelling myths around who can/cannot practice yoga by explaining that yoga is more than a physical practice. The teachings and benefits of yoga are available to all people.

This zine answers the question "What is Yoga," briefly introduces the 8 limbs of yoga, explains ways of "doing" yoga, provides an overview of what to expect from a public class, and explains how the use of props can create a more accessible and comfortable experience for the practitioner.  

"Yoga teaches us that when we relax the body and breath, and calm the mind, we will automatically experience that peacefullness that is our essential nature."

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