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A is for Autistic - a personal glossary

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A is for Autistic - a personal glossary

By: Andrew Coltrin

Need a touch of humor as you learn about autism? If so, this may be the zine for you. "A is for Autistic" is my glossary of a bunch of terms I came across when I discovered my autistic nature. Having the words to talk about things is important. Also, I followed the examples of dictionarists past, such as Samuel Johnson and Ambrose Bierce, and included personal opinions and commentary. It gets a little silly sometimes and a little ranty at others. It's also been completely reworked and retitles since the earlier, 2017, version "A is for Aspergers."

Andrew Coltrin (AKA Parlty Robot) began making zines in the early 1990s as a creative attempt to work around difficulties with inborn social and communication quirks. In 2011 Andrew stopped being too scared to ask questions about autism. Turns out the answers to some of those questions were yes! Other questions keep coming up, which is why Andrew wrote "Ability" in 2021 as a follow up to the 2017 autism glossary zine "A is for Aspergers." www.partlyrobot.com @partlyrobot on Instagram and Twitter


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