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An Actually Autistic Window on Economics

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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An Actually Autistic Window on Economics
An Actually Autistic Window on Economics

COMING SOON! Estimated shipped date 12/19

By: Andrew Coltrin 

Andrew (A is for Asperger's and Ability) is back with another informational zine! 

This is written in a conversational way and incorporates humor and illustrations making an otherwise other whelming/intimidating topic accessible. 

"My latest zine takes a look at what economics is, how it works, and why, as a human being, you really can't avoid it. Also, because I'm autistic and I wrote it, it's from my own autistic perspective. This zine might not help you on your midterm exam, but it just might give you the insight you need to improve the flow of resources and energy in your life."-Andrew


color cover, b&w inside, 24 pages 

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