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Behind the Zines 10

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Behind the Zines 10
Behind the Zines 10
Behind the Zines 10
Behind the Zines 10
Behind the Zines 10

"Behind the Zines #10, released in July of 2020. If you've seen previous issues, it's along the same lines. This is a zine about zines! If you are in the zine scene, as a writer, library, zinefest organizer, etc, then you will dig this zine, I promise. But even if you simply read zines, and want to know more about what makes a zinester tick, this will probably still be of interest. A chance for zine-makers to talk shop.

The first two articles are about what it's like to own your own home-photocopier. There's an article about the recent #quaranzinefest that took place all over the internet. A few people talked about what it's like to be a zine-maker during a pandemic. There is a short comic by Corinne Halbert, a zine review by Nyx, an article by Razorcake's Todd Taylor, a story by Brian Polk about all the imagined zines he would write if he had more time... An article and a great cover by Sarah Mirk.

Half-size, 40 pages long, black and white. Mostly text and stories, with a few pictures and drawings along the way. It comes out twice a year, so here ya go."

Billy McCall

Full list of contributors includes:

Billy McCall
Mark Cunning
Ed Kemp
Anna Jo Beck
Corinne Halbert
Todd Taylor
Gianni Simone
Sarah Mirk
Liz Mason
Jenna Freedman
Mike Faloon
Johnnie B. Baker
Brian Polk
Ed Tillman