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Cometbus #59

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Cometbus #59

"Before beginning to write, Aaron set out on an investigative journey that took him what must have been close to 10,000 miles around the country, visiting old friends and associates and finding new ones that he barely realized existed. His purpose was to investigate how – or if – the various countercultural institutions he’d grown up with had weathered the years. He referred to it as an “inquest,” which might seem to carry with it a little confirmation bias, but also broadened his inquiry to include enterprises he confesses to having “ignored or dismissed” in the past.

“I wanted to get past the rhetoric and find out what actually worked,” he says, and I nearly cheered aloud when I read that, because it neatly summed up my own views on the matter. It also seemed to build a bridge across one of the few continuing differences of opinion I’ve had with Aaron. As it would turn out, some division remained, but far less than before." -Larry Livermore

Read the full article/review here https://larrylivermore.com/2020/02/29/cometbus-post-mortem/

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