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Cripple Punk Mag

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Cripple Punk Mag
Cripple Punk Mag

Cripple Punk Mag is the newest project of Merlin, the zinester who brought you the zines “Getting Fat, Kicking Ass, and Taking Names; Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Get Fat” and “Sick Of It” (“Disabled liberation and prison abolition must go hand in hand”). This zine is focused on accessibility and disability in hyper local and DIY music- the first issue is an interview with a NY based band Winterwolf which covers topics that are applicable to any basement or local bar show (like stairs). 

Keep your eyes out for Issue 2, which is in the works and will focus on ways to make shows in these kinds of venues more accessible. Currently accepting submissions!! 

Want to submit something? Email merlin.sabal13@gmail.com Show reviews, accessibility rating for venues, other resources, bands to check out (especially local disabled musicians), art, you name it!

½ size 16p B&W zine

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