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For Your Eyes Only Issue 2

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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For Your Eyes Only Issue 2

A queer arts and literary magazine focused on showcasing the unique voices and perspectives of the Midwestern LGBT community. Issue two was released in September of 2017. Created by Stephen Moles and McKenzie Adkins. Cover art by Andrew Ordonez. This issue consists of "What I talk About When I Talk About Grindr" by Zach Porting and Kendall H Johnson, "Hootie part deux" by Ryan Wilks and Anonymous, "Star fag werqs" by Mitchell King and Casey Hannan, "Slitherbomb" by Casey Hannan and John Brandt, "Judy! Judeaux!" by Joss Barton and Micah Lidberg and photographhy by Mckenzie James.  This zine contains nudity :)

Full size, color cover, B&W inside 24 pages 

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