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How to Recognize Voter Suppression in its Natural Habitat

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How to Recognize Voter Suppression in its Natural Habitat

By Bronwyn Mauldin

This zine was a finalist for the Broken Pencil 2017 Zine Awards.

"From the American Revolution to the Suffragette movement to the Civil Rights era, people have struggled, fought, and some have died to expand the franchise* and ensure we all can vote. When the voting rights ofany are under attack democracy itself is threatened.

Know your voting rights. Exercise them often and wisely.

*No, it's not about fast food chains. "franchise" is a fancy word that means "the right to vote""

This zine explains what voter suppression, its effects, and how it is achieved  (voter I.D. laws, purging voter rolls, disenfranchising ex-felcons, cutting election funding, reducing measures that make voting easier, negative campaigning, undermining confidence in elections, fake news, and disinformation) The zine also explains how gerrymandering and the electoral college are ways of making "your vote count less." References are provided that back up the claim that voter fraud is not "a thing." 

"When people say 'voter fraud' they mean ' I don't want those people to vote.'"

Brownwyn Mauldin is a novelist and long-time political activist. She has a master's degree in public administration and has worked in state and local government. She thinks democracy is awesome, and votes every chance she gets. 



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