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Pocci 5

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Pocci 5

By: Dayna Moth

From the intro: "I like the idea of this zine serving as both a personal record and something That within my zine, there are not only records of what I've done, but useful information for you, dear reader. So here are my recommendations, the things that make life good when times are bad:" The zine discusses Dayna's positive experience with acupuncture to help with chronic pain and anxiety. Other topics include their first camping trip, journeys as a car-less person, organizing, and much more! Sprinkled throughout the zine are more of "what makes life when times are bad" such as songs, lyrics, zines, books, new bike lanes in town, their favorite candles, activities, and podcasts.

1.4 size, Risograph cover, Black ink on pastel green paper, 16 pages

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