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The Hole is Where the Heart Is (Marilyn Manson fanzine)

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The Hole is Where the Heart Is (Marilyn Manson fanzine)
The Hole is Where the Heart Is (Marilyn Manson fanzine)
The Hole is Where the Heart Is (Marilyn Manson fanzine)

By: Marina Graves


IN 2007 MARILYN MANSON RELEASED AN ALBUM TITLED EAT ME, DRINK ME. It was my first coming-out-right-now-in-realtime-I'm-here-for-it MM album and it was my friend Marina's too. And for both of us, it was COMPLETELY SLEPT ON by both the metal press and general public. Y'all fucked up.

Here is a zine about why, if you're one of those boring people that thinks EMDM is too emotional, or a sell-out, or pop garbage, YOU'RE WRONG. In it you'll find a dissection of the themes of the album, a defense of why it was Manson's most emotionally significant work to date/since/ever, a track-by-track breakdown with cool trivia facts and intense Marina screaming on what makes each of them so great in their own right, and thorough discussion about what factors were at play before/during/after the era that contributed to the trajectory of Manson's career as a whole.

It's equal parts love letter and manifesto. It's a reason to break out your heart-shaped glasses. It's a campy, gory romp through the worst/best parts of the emotional experience for one of the most influential modern artists & the people that love him.

GOOD FOR FANS OF: cannibalism, Lewis Carroll, vampires, church architecture, Hammer films, getting rowdy in a Hot Topic dressing room. 

This zine is 32 pages, typed, fully collaged, quarter size (4.25" x 5.5"), photocopied, and has red staples!"

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