Zine Fest Bingo

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Zine Fest Bingo
Zine Fest Bingo

A Neither/nor Zine Distro Production

Jaydream, with lots of emotional and practical support from Billy (Proof I Exist, Last Night at the Casino, Zinester To Do List) finally made her dream of creating a zine fest bingo card a reality! Billy is really good at writing product descriptions so I'm going to, once again, allow him to help me! The following is him eloquently describing how and what Zine Fest Bingo is! Take it away Billy.....

"Do you remember Road Trip Bingo? Where you mark off various items on a card as you drive, like roadkill or semi-truck? This is played just like that, only it's done at a zinefest!

Each card has its own unique combination of stereotypical zinefest occurrences, such as "punk t-shirt" or "gender neutral bathrooms." Throughout the day, as you attend or table at the zinefest, you keep an eye out for these things, then cross them off of your card, hoping to get five in a row, aka, a Bingo!

These cards are sold in packs of 4, so that way you and three of your friends can play against each other at the next zinefest you attend. And once again, each card is unique, so even if you are all walking around together and seeing the same things, that doesn't mean you will all get a bingo. In fact, there are two different sets, so if you order more than one set there are actually 8 different cards.

The cards are printed on standard cardstock, and are pocket-size. If you've ever been to a zinefest, then this fun game is one giant inside joke and you will love it, I promise!" https://www.etsy.com/shop/iknowbilly

printed on perforated card stock 

order 2 and get 1 of each set!

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