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The Paruretic #1

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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The Paruretic #1

By: Mark Cunning

"It’s called paruresis, folks. Also known as pee shy, shy bladder, bashful bladder, stage fright, and choking at the bowl. Sufferers generally are unable to urinate in the presence of others. According to paruesis.org, an estimated seven percent of Americans, or twenty-one million people, experience some variation of the social anxiety disorder. "

The Paruretic, is a perzine about this condition. 


"This quarter-size perzine is 24 pages long, full of personal stories of anguish, embarrassment, and torment. He even tells about the childhood bullying incident that created his mental block. This zine is sad, but excellent. If you, or anyone you know, is pee-shy, this is a must. Actually, it's sort of a must no matter what."

-Review by Billy McCall

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