About Neither/nor

Neither/nor is a Zine Distro based in Kansas City, MO and is honored to curate a selection of zines for sale at the following brick and mortar establishments!

Sister Anne's (901 E 31st St.) 8am-6pm

Stray Cat Film Center (1662 Broadway Blvd) Open during events and screenings. Follow the link to see their schedule!

Garden House Cafe & Shop (1639 Southwest Blvd, KCK) Wednesday-Friday 7:30am-4pm Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-4pm

Goofball Sk8boards (300 W 80th St) Neither/nor Zine Library and Distro HQ! Open Tuesday-Saturday 12am-8pm & Sunday 12am-6pm Closed Mondays

Local (KC), personal, DIY, self-care, self-help, radical/political, identity politics (gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.) and feminist zines are the focus of this distro. Other things neither/nor has to offer are titles from Silver Sprocket, GenderFail, Eberhardt Press, School of Life Design, and Portland Button Works, used zines, Slingshot Newspapers and Organizers, and tote bags, t-shirts, and pin back buttonsZines available at each brick and mortar store vary and are curated to serve each location's specific tastes and clientele.  
Services provided by Neither/nor include: workshops, custom made 1.25" pin back buttons, and a mail order zine subscription service.

Neither/nor is currently in the process of cataloging a zine library containing 1000+ zines! Check out the library database here! 
The Zine Library is located inside Goofball Sk8boards at 300 W 80th St, Kansas City, MO 64114.
Neither/nor is owned and operated by Kansas Citian, Jaydream (they/them). Dream is a biracial (latinx/white) genderfluid/nonbinary/queer person who loves making, reading, trading, and collecting zines. It’s that love that led them to connect with other local zinesters to co-found and organize the annual KC Zine Con. In November 2015, after the success and connections made at Zine Con #1, their long time dream of running a zine distro came true!
The mission of Neither/nor Zine Distro is to be a source for novice and veteran zine makers/enthusiasts to sell their zines and support one another and to act as a zine destination/resource in KC year round. Zines can take many forms reflecting the individuals' vision. They are inherently empowering since the entire process (content creation, editing, layout, reproduction, distribution) is controlled by the artist. By distributing these unique creations uncapitalized voices are disseminated and elevated!