Jaydream (operator of Neither/nor Zine Distro) is available to teach workshops in an array of zine related topics! Zines and the process of making zines are very empowering tools for promoting personal expression. They are accessible to all types of people and provide a hands on approach to finding one’s autonomous voice. These workshops are suitable for all ages and can be tweaked to fit your event, classroom, or project!

Contact neithernorzinedistro@gmail.com to book a workshop (payment accepted on a sliding scale dependent on your means and the length of the session)

Zines 101: A history and overview of zines as an art form, political tool, and medium for DIY expression. The class will include a brief background of my personal experiences with zines and a Q&A session. I will provide dozens of zines from my personal library to use as hands on examples of how diverse zines can be.

How to Make a Zine: This will include a brief history of zines and their varying purposes. You will then be given the tools you need to make your own zine! With emphasis on personal style this workshop will teach you how to make a 1 page mini or quarter size zine about anything your heart desires! 

Layout & Collage: This workshop will take what is learned in the “How to Make a Zine” Workshop and expand upon it. I will teach you how to make a zine in the classic cut and paste style. We will go over different ways to create “backgrounds” for your text to be pasted onto. My zines are very heavy in collage so I will share my personal approach and style to help you find you own!

Yoga + Zines - Practice not Perfection Workshop: What do yoga and zines have in common? Both are empowering, accessible, meditative, forms of self study, a practice in connecting to one's creativity and intuition (body+mind+spirit)... and they're both fun! 


Have an idea for a workshop? Please, don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas, proposals, and questions. These workshops lend themselves very well to classrooms but living rooms, community centers, and programming within other events are also welcomed!

Examples of past Neither/nor Zine outreach and education:

-Taught a conceptual class about zines and their roll in the arts to KCAI students

-Lead a workshop as part of the Columbia, MO Girls Rock Camp which resulted in a compilation zine for that year’s camp

-Lead a Zines 101 talk to KCK middle schoolers

-Presented about the growth of the KC Zine scene over the past 5 years at the InterUrban Arts House in Overland Park

-Facilitated 1 page mini zine workshops to elementary school children at Maddie Rhodes Art Center, to teens at William Chrisman High School’s feminist club “American Daughters,” and to teens at the Johnson County Central Library

-Co-founded/co-organized and sponsors KC Zine Con which has become an annual event drawing people from all over the country to display and sell their zines