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A Guide to Tarot for Beginners

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A Guide to Tarot for Beginners

by Valentina Castro

Valentina is from the San Francisco Bay Area and is the co-creator of an ongoing collaborative knitting and stitching zine collection called Storied Stitches, and part of the Fake Magic Art Collective. This tarot zine is their solo project that they hope helps lots of people connect to the tarot.

Inside you will find information about tarot, card meanings, spread to use, and the wisdom Valentia has gathered on their own journey learning tarot. "Tarot is an excellent tool to use to gain insights on your life, including in your career, in love, in you spiritual life, in creative pursuits, in planning and in understanding yourself."

The centerfold is a chart with rows made up of the four "suits" (cups, swords, wands, pentacles) upright and reversed and columns ace-10. It's a really concise and satisfying chart that is a great quick reference!

1/2 size, B&W, 20 pages

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