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ADHD ain't a joke

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ADHD ain't a joke
ADHD ain't a joke

By Johnson Gamber 

"ADHD ain't a joke. It is more than talking out of turn, wiggling in class, fidgeting in meetings. It's a condition that is rooted in a basic malfunction with one's Executive Function. In this zine, I explore what ADHD is, what it feels like, what we can do, and -- tangentially -- what failures on the part of adults can lead to one not being diagnosed until adulthood.

This is a 1/4 sized zine, measuring about 4.25x5.5 inches, with 24 pages of white paper and a color cover printed on 24lb Ultra Red from Neenah." -


Johnny Gamber is a native Baltimorean who quit a life in academia to "stay home" with his daughter. Now he has three kids at home, and they do a lot of arts and crafting. He's been blogging about pencils since 2005, and co-hosts a podcast ( -- @4.5-5K listeners). -- IG and Twitter: @pencilution


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