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Goofball Sk8boards Issue 2

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Goofball Sk8boards Issue 2

by: Goofball Sk8boards

This is the How-to Issue! This issue talks about "being a beginner and what it means to be a beginner in skateboarding, especially as a non-traditional skater. Be that queer, trans, femme, or POC, anything that makes you a non-traditional skateboarder, which is basically if you're not [a] cis, het, white, able man." Learn what the parts of a skateboard are called, how to kick turn, how to get pushing, how to slow down and stop, how to navigate a skate park AND MORE!! This zine is seriously so packed full of information and encouragement!

Want to get involved?? This zine is accepting submissions!


Goofball Sk8boards was founded by Joan and Harper Rose to create a space for non-traditional and beginner skaters to learn in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. They support queer, trans, and femme skateboarding in Kansas City and beyond!

Pledge their patreon (linked above), buy their zines, and following on social media @goofballsk8boards (instagram)!

B&W, 1/2 size, 20 pages

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