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Goofball Sk8boards Issue 2

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Goofball Sk8boards Issue 2

by: Goofball Sk8boards

This is the How-to Issue! This issue talks about "being a beginner and what it means to be a beginner in skateboarding, especially as a non-traditional skater. Be that queer, trans, femme, or POC, anything that makes you a non-traditional skateboarder, which is basically if you're not [a] cis, het, white, able man." Learn what the parts of a skateboard are called, how to kick turn, how to get pushing, how to slow down and stop, how to navigate a skate park AND MORE!! This zine is seriously so packed full of information and encouragement!

Want to get involved?? This zine is accepting submissions!

email goofballsk8boards@gmail.com

Goofball Sk8boards was founded by Joan and Harper Rose to create a space for non-traditional and beginner skaters to learn in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. They support queer, trans, and femme skateboarding in Kansas City and beyond!

Pledge their patreon (linked above), buy their zines, and following on social media @goofballsk8boards (instagram)!

B&W, 1/2 size, 20 pages

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