The Paruretic #3

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The Paruretic #3

By: Mark Cunning

"It’s called paruresis, folks. Also known as pee shy, shy bladder, bashful bladder, stage fright, and choking at the bowl. Sufferers generally are unable to urinate in the presence of others. According to paruesis.org, an estimated seven percent of Americans, or twenty-one million people, experience some variation of the social anxiety disorder. "

The Paruretic, is a perzine about this condition. This issue's theme is "vacation"


"This issue is the "vacation" issue. Mark talks about the extensive planning he has to go through just to travel. How long will his plane ride be? How long will he be on a bus from one city to another? The lengths he must go to in order to urinate are simultaneously fascinating and depressing. This condition dictates so much of his life, and all his activities are planned around his use of the toilet.

Yet, this zine isn't depressing. If anything it feels empowering. He has accepted that this is part of his life, and he works through it. Rather than simply say, "No, I'm not flying anywhere," he has said, "Yes, I can fly there, but here's how I need to do it." Part of his empowerment seems to come from a new girlfriend, the first person he's ever dated who has known about his condition. Having her love and support certainly seems to help him.

This issue is basically two long stories, each about different times he's traveled. The first story is a strenuous account of when he flew from LA to Hawaii with a full bladder. He wants to use the in-flight bathroom, but when he tries it just won't happen. He sits in his seat, hour after hour, wondering if his bladder might burst.

The second story is a daily log about about traveling around the U.S. He writes about each and every place he used the bathroom, or tried to.

A unique zine from a unique perspective. Quarter-size, 32 pages, all text. I read it cover to cover in one sitting."

-Review by Billy McCall

Quarter-size, 32 pages, color cover.

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