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Dating a Wylie Coyote

Neither Nor Zine

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Dating a Wylie Coyote
Dating a Wylie Coyote

By: Sarah Wylie

Notes on Relationship Dynamics, Relationship Anarchy, Polyamory, and Non-Monogamy. 


Sarah has compiled this intro to polyamory, non-monogamy, and relationship anarchy from all the material she's read (books, zines, articles), listened to (podcasts, conversations with friends), and her own personal experience and opinions. She is endlessly fascinated by relationship dynamics, with a desire to share what has felt helpful in finding what resonates with her. Part polyamory resource, part intentional/conscious relationship building, with a bdsm/kink desires checklist. It includes journal prompts throughout, and a further reading/resources list. She hopes it feels helpful, thought provoking, or maybe sparks personal reflection.

"Wishing you the best on your adventure in this strange timeline. May you love and feel Loved"- Sarah

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