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Don't Piss Down My Back and Tell Me It's Raining

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Don't Piss Down My Back and Tell Me It's Raining


"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
--Johnny Rotten, final Sex Pistols show

Anger will compel you to the best things or the worst things. Some of us will change the world. The rest become Nazis.

Part open letter, part HOLY SHIT WTF IS GOING ON HERE, DON'T PISS DOWN MY BACK & TELL ME IT'S RAINING is a zine about betrayal. Not just heartbreak, but fucking betrayal. The worst kind, the kind where everything you knew is a lie and there's nothing but misery and confusion left in its place. My best friend from high school became a fucking Nazi when I wasn't looking, and I'm fucking sorry.

This zine's about conflict, idealist teen dreams vs the new America, & in a fucked-up way being able to understand how someone you love could turn into a horrifying alt-right douchebag when you're not looking. This is for everybody who's sat through an uncomfortable family dinner with people they used to know dribbling hate so casually it's like a shot to the gut & that iced-blood uncanny valley feeling when you run into an old friend at the grocery store and they've got a Trump sticker on their car.

Hopefully one day when all this madness ends, our future future children will be able to look at this as a primary source about the emotional landscape that time half the country went fucking nuts & started worshiping a fascist Cheeto & a cartoon frog.

If you've ever felt wronged, this is for you.

16 pages, photocopied, eighth legal size (3.5" x 4.25") and chock fulla hurt.

-Julia Eff http://crapandemic.storenvy.com/

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