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Fluke #12

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Fluke #12
Fluke #12 was published in Phoenix, AZ in 2015

In 1990, I discovered Bobby Madness' art, on the cover of Crimpshrine's "Quit Talkin' Claude" record. The scene is of the band - Aaron, Jeff and Paul - hanging out on a deteriorating and graffiti-covered monolith at the Emeryville mudflats. As the silhouette of the San Francisco skyline looms across the bay, a distant factory emits billowing, dark clouds of smoke across the sky over a darkness on the horizon. Aaron and Paul are standing, hands in pockets, with forlorn faces. Jeff is sitting with his guitar and a frustrated look on his face as if he is attempting to master a complicated riff, with little success. A grim scene to be sure, yet one in which seems appealing, no matter how bleak and desperate.
As I followed Bobby's comics in Cometbus and later in Mad Soul, that theme was always prevalent. When Bobby took the reader out on the street with him he always translated "down and out" into romantic and attractive. This issue of Fluke is more of the same! A true story of Bobby's life on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early '80s, when he was just 14 and 15 years old. It's based on three shows he saw down there - The Cramps, Ramones, and Stiff Little Fingers. Join in the fun (& fatigue) Bobby experienced as he ran in the streets with his friend Chris, in search of drugs, girls, and punk rock! 

76 pages, pocket size

All art by Bobby Madness


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