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Fluke 16

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Fluke 16

Fluke #16 by Mathew Thompson

This issue - The Art of NXOEED - is solely dedicated to James B. Hunt (NXOEED) and his art. Also included is a four page interview with James, where he reveals a clue or two on the whereabouts of hidden art, as well as how he got started and what motivates him today.

"I can remember being five years old and knowing I was going to be an artist. There was never any question. I started self-publishing at around twelve. My friend and I would make comics and then take them to the copy machine at the local supermarket. We'd walk in with handfuls of dimes we'd saved and feed into the machine. We didn't know what a zine was. We were kids and it was 1985. We were just trying to publish comics.” - James B. Hunt

32 pages B&W, half-size
All art by James B. Hunt aka NXOEED
published in Phoenix, AZ in 2018


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