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Forgotten Names

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Forgotten Names
Forgotten Names
Forgotten Names
Forgotten Names
Forgotten Names

Curated by Borbála Tompa,  Susannah Garden, and Daniel Wesseik 

All of the participating artists were given a single theme as a (loose) starting point for their work, which was FORGOTTEN NAMES.

The title “Forgotten Names” is related to a sub-field in magic that is all about knowing the real (true) name of things.

This practice in magic means that everything in the world — from a plant to a seahorse to a human being — has a true name. This true name correlates perfectly with its essence.

The true name of things is referenced in many cultures and religions. It is also commonly mentioned in fairy tales and folktales, in literature, or in occult writings.

Forgotten Names is a project that reflects our fascination with zines, illustration and visual narrative — plus it’s a zine with a unique concept. After some months of research, we assembled a group of extremely talented artists from all around the globe. Each of them has their own personal style and voice and has provided their own special interpretation of the theme. 

This zine was the outcome of a crowdfunding campaign. More info can be found here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/forgotten-names-zine#/

Forgotten Names is printed in 3 colors on a Risograph printer, on 105g. Metapaper paper stock by Drucken3000 in Berlin, who produce high quality artistic prints.



40 pages, 3 color Risograph printing, A5 size.
print run limited to 150 

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