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Grrrl Couch: Home

The ongoing Grrrl Couch zine! This issue is an introspective look into what the concept of home means to me after moving across the pacific ocean, and what it means to various artists in the Grrrl Couch community. Contents include photography, poetry, articles, and art - all ending with a playlist called "Hawaii Homesick." So open this magazine when you're feeling that Hawaii pride, nostalgic, or feel like reflecting on where you came from

Releases Oct 31st, 2019.

8 x 5.5 in

34 pages printed in black and white, completed with a full color cover.


What: The riot grrrl zine you've always wanted. Each issue is themed, for your pleasure. Boasting themes of Love & Sex, QUEER, and Curl Power, this zine has got you covered. Available in printed zines, handmade from my bedroom to yours, or available online for viewing. But let's be honest, it always feels good to hold a zine in your hands while you're reading it. I'm looking at you, kindle users.
Who: Started and run by me, Ruby Rañoa. But Grrrl Couch is always collaborative, and always looking for new artists to feature. Contact through instagramemail, or by using the contact feature on this very website. 

When: I released the first Grrrl Couch zine in the summer of 2017 and never stopped creating them after that. It's addictive I guess.

Where: Created in my not-so-humble hometown of Kailua, HI and traveled with me across the Pacific Ocean to Seattle, WA. This zine is wherever you are, or happen to be.
Why:  Zines let you say whatever it is you want to say, and visually show whatever it is you want to show. Censorship doesn't exist in the Grrrl Couch universe. 

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