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Last Night at the Casino 14 & 15

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Last Night at the Casino 14 & 15
Last Night at the Casino 14 & 15

Billy McCall

Special Double Issue!!

It's been a year since I wrote a casino zine, so there's a lot to talk about. I wrote two different issues and am releasing them at the same time. This listing is for BOTH issues.

Last Night at the Casino #14 is subtitled "Transition," and is all about the total fear and anxiety I felt after being hired at a BIG BUSY casino, ten times the size of the one I used to work at. This casino is on the east coast, a very different scene than the sleepy New Mexico casino I had previously worked at for years. Stories include learning how to deal left-handed roulette, being hit-on by all my gay coworkers, and a guy almost winning $49,000.

Last Night at the Casino #15 is subtitled "Fitting In," and is all about learning how to calm the fuck down and adapt to this new environment. The zine focuses on how much I love the game of craps, and has lots of stories of high rollers winning big, and losing big. Ever seen a guy play $10,000 a hand in blackjack? I have. Ever seen a guy lose $300,000 playing craps? I have. Dealt it. Been there. Done that.

I've been working on these zines for a year now, and am really happy with how they turned out. Both zines are quarter-size. Issue 14 is 40 pages long, issue 15 is 48 pages long. You'll have plenty to read.


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