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Mushrooms are Ama-zine

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Mushrooms are Ama-zine
Mushrooms are Ama-zine
Mushrooms are Ama-zine

Mushrooms Are Ama-zine
By Heather Anacker and Krista Feld

Fun(gi) facts and meditations on the amazingness that is the wood wide web of mushrooms. Plus shroom art. If you didn't find shrooms amazing before this zine you certainly will afterwards!

8.5x5.5", 16 pages, stapled, b+w xerox

Heather Andhercats Anacker is a zinester, artist and yoga/qigong instructor. Her zines are a mixture of educational/DIY information, along with personal essays and hand drawn illustrations. Topics covered include: scientific and spiritual explorations of plants and mushrooms, words of encouragement paired with drawings of cats, a pizza manifesto, a zine about my undying teenage love of the Matrix, and more. She has committed to making a zine a month for 2021. She is currently cohabiting with some wonderful humans and cats outside of Pittsburgh, PA


Instagram @heatherandhercats

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