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Of Mice and Me: Tales of Rodents I Have Loved and Lost

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Of Mice and Me: Tales of Rodents I Have Loved and Lost

By Jennifer Foot

This perzine details Jennifer's love of mice from a young age. Telling stories of her first mouse sighting, taking on the nickname "mouse," having the idea of a rodent chef before Pixar, dealing with cruel kids on the playground, naming her cat Remy after seeing Ratatouille, gifting a mouse to a friend, and creating a mouse friend out of a sock. Her writing is really fun to read and relatable in its honesty and earnestness. As someone who has always loved squirrels and had pet rats this perzine really hit the spot. Also Jennifer has great handwriting!!


Jennifer (she/they) is a queer anarchist clown usually on skates, Bay Area native living in North Oakland. They make mini perzines of cut and paste collage, poetry, and illustrations.

B&W 1/4 size zine, 12 pages, bound with thread :) 

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