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Neither/nor Zine Distro

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By Jaydream 

I engaged in a life coaching course with Dr. Matt Turner called "Own Your Power" at the beginning of 2021. Together we identified what my powers are. Then, one by one, we went through all of the areas and relationships in my life and discussed the various ways I give my power(s) away. Finally, we went through that list and came up with practical exercises I can engage in whenever I notice I'm giving my power away. I was left with so much information and, of course, wanted to make a zine that I could reference going forward.

OYP (Own Your Power) is a zine specific to my experiences, meaning you can interact with it as a perzine :) It can also be a starting point and structure for dissecting you own "power wounds" if you'd like to take a more interactive approach. The bold text throughout can be used as journal prompts and in the back you will find blank versions of pages in the zine. 

This zine was originally released as part of Anna Jo Beck's Zine a Month patreon. I'm super proud of this zine and am also so glad it was able to reach a wide audience through ZAM! Some final fun facts about OYP: this is my first full color zine, I used a site called whimsical to make the flow charts, the cover is a result of my first time ever marbling paper, and I took my own advice from the zine as I was making it (if that's not self help than I don't know what is)!




1/4 size, full color, 16 pages

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