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Proof I Exist #40

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Proof I Exist #40

By: Billy

"A short little pocket-size per-zine. No photos, a few random illustrations, but 99% text, just me pontificating on various topics. Themes of fear, loneliness, depression, and how to conquer it all. An excerpt:

"Here’s the thing: it took me years, years, to realize that when a person says, “It’s cold,” what they actually mean is “I’m cold.” But they would say, “It’s cold,” and I would immediately say, “It’s not cold,” which actually meant “I’m not cold,” and you can see how this could create some very pointless arguing."

Quarter-size, 24 pages, 4,000 words. Written and released in Feb of 2023."

-Billy https://www.etsy.com/shop/iknowbilly

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