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QTs in Bed 2

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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QTs in Bed 2

By Hazel R. Magnolia


"QTs in beds" features Queer identifying and identified people who choose what they want to wear or not wear and how they want to be seen. We work together to create a portrait that achieves an affirming representation in their bed or place of rest. Through image, conversation, and writing prompts, we explore identity, self-expression, community, belonging, refuge and accountability. We are exploring the self and collective. How do we want to be seen? How do we make sure we’re seeing others? What IS our gay agenda?


Hazel R. Magnolia, is an artist from Pasadena, TX. After moving to Chicago in 2006, she began photographing Queer women in their beds. A desire to challenge stereotypes and monoliths she noted in both cities, within and outside of Queer scenes, she hoped to add to a more varied representation and sense of belonging for Queer women.

This portrait series evolved over twelve years into "QTs in beds", including LGBTQIA+ people of all genders to collaborate on affirming images and conversations that additionally question our relationship with hierarchy and accountability.

Portraits from this series have been shown in several local group shows, and the latest images have been combined with words from sitters to create "QTs in beds: the zine", which can be found in a variety of independent bookstores, the occasional zine fest (post-pandemic) and zine distros around the country.

Full color, 1/2 size zine


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