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Radical Visibility

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Radical Visibility
Radical Visibility
Radical Visibility
Radical Visibility

"Radical Visibility: Collective Issue with CD!

Lyrics book to the Radical Visibility Collective album, along with a photo spread for each model that the lyrics are about! this zine is jam packed with super cute stuff, so check it out!!

Above you can see the cover and four inside pages of the zine! everything was done cut and paste style, doodled on, scanned, resized and then printed in full color. I used 16pt font to be better for folx with visual impairments. Also this is a full magazine size zine (so 8.5 x 11 inches) and 64 pages long!

Cover photo by Colectivo Multipolar, cover design by Gabriel Anaya

Garments made in collaboration 
by the Radical Visibility Collective-
Compton Q

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More info about radical visibility and rebirth garments found here:

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