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Radical Visibility- Coloring Book Issue

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Radical Visibility- Coloring Book Issue
Radical Visibility- Coloring Book Issue

Coloring book issue! 

Coloring pages made from outlines of Rebirth Garments model photos!

Feeling confident in one’s outward appearance can revolutionize one’s emotional and political reality, thus, Rebirth Garments and the Radical Visibility Zines work in tandem as a way to nurture a community of people who have often been excluded from mainstream fashion and provide a platform for people to confidently express pride in the intersections of their identities.

The Radical Visibility Zines shows queer and disabled teens, adults and children a possible future, which contrasts the death obsessed media that is so prevalent today. When our main representation in media is our death, it makes it extremely difficult to continue to live a life. It is because of this toxicity on the internet that I choose to have hardcopies available. I want to go back to the sanctuary and preciousness of real books you can touch and feel, where you won’t get distracted by pop up adds or scrolling through a feed, to make our futures more tangible.  

Full size zine, risograph cover, b&w inside

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