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Resist #48

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Resist #48
Resist #48

"This is a collection of short stories about bicycling in Minneapolis in the winter. It starts off with broken bikes and a failing resolve. At the beginning of the book, I’m not ready for another brutal Minnesota winter on my bicycle. Somehow I get myself to do it anyway, and you get to join me as the temperature drops and the streets fill with snow and slush. Ride along as the temperature drops to 25 degrees below zero, and I’m adding layer after layer to try to keep warm. Watch me leave my hat and gloves at home on an unseasonably warm day that turns out to still be subzero. Take a scenic ride along the Mississippi river with me and come along when I get lost on my way to pick up a moving truck. Join me on a bicycle for the coldest 3 months of a Minnesota winter and maybe you can figure out why I seem to be enjoying it. 

Nearly all of the illustrations in this book are pictures of my bike I took while riding.  So along with a few pictures of bridges and bike trails, you get a lot of strange perspectives of my bicycle in motion.

Printed on salvaged letterhead. Every copy is a hand bound book"

-Mat Resist

4"x 4" book, color cover, b&w inside, 80 pages

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