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Riding with Geno pt.1

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Riding with Geno pt.1

By: Axel Janssen

“Riding with Geno pt. 1 is a fast-paced, action oriented, sci-fi mystery, with a strong animal rights message.  We follow a young adult and critter companion- together a potent force- as they jump to into the fire, via skillet.  Sparse, fast developing text is augmented by gorgeous illustrations, curated from several artists. 

Recommended for fans of Dick, Le Guin, or Atwood (not that the author would ever claim parity with these illustrious names) and also for those with a cyberpunk aesthetic and love of animals.

Part 2 will be available by fall, ’23.”


Axel Janssen is a newly disabled man-child of the 1980’s.  He is new to writing, but finds it a fruitful way to process the grief brought by the loss of his vocation and hobbies, which are all now beyond his means.  He lives in Minnesota, with his incredible parents, Hunter and Jan.