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Storied Stitches Vol. 6

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Storied Stitches Vol. 6
Storied Stitches Vol. 6

"Storied Stitches is a people-powered, noncommercial, DIY publication where we celebrate our creations. This zine is about us, the people who knit, united through our self-expressions and our creativity...Storied Stitches is proud to be home for the political, witchy, high art, low art, thought provoking, and queer stitching." 

Contributors: Brooke Ebeling, Clarissa Johnson, Sandra Fernandez, E. Caroline Walters, and Valentina Castro

In this issue: illustrations, reasons to knit, embroidery inspo, "stitching and witching" essay, and photo documentation of completed works.

 1/2 size, full color, 16 pages





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