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Thirty Eight issue 1

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Thirty Eight issue 1

On his 38th birthday Mike Lawson launched a 12 month illustrated zine project called Thirty Eight. Mike, a queer illustrator living in San Francisco, explains "I have always enjoyed doodling. When I was a kid I would cut out the editorial cartoons in the Orange County Register and trace them. I didn’t really understand the power of a cartoon on the editorial pages until much later in life, but that early training has kept me interested in communicating through the combination of images and words."

Issue 1 is a personal zine that consists of stories/memories about growing up in the 80's, childhood birthday parties, censoring parts of himself, creating a bff out of paper, and feeling shame without knowing exactly why. Illustrations and photos are sprinkled throughout which create a storybook vibe. This zine is mostly B&W with some pages that have pops of red.

1/4 size, 24 pages


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