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Thirty Eight issue 2

Neither/nor Zine Distro

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Thirty Eight issue 2

On his 38th birthday Mike Lawson launched a 12 month illustrated zine project called Thirty Eight. Mike, a queer illustrator living in San Francisco, explains "I have always enjoyed doodling. When I was a kid I would cut out the editorial cartoons in the Orange County Register and trace them. I didn’t really understand the power of a cartoon on the editorial pages until much later in life, but that early training has kept me interested in communicating through the combination of images and words."

Issue 2 is a personal zine that consists of stories/memories about the summer between middle school and high school. He tells the story of volunteering at the public library and meeting Ray Bradbury at one of the library's weekly evening author talks and the impact Bradbury's literary works had on him. Illustrations and photos are sprinkled throughout which create a storybook vibe. This zine is mostly B&W with some pages that have pops of teal.

1/4 size, 24 pages


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